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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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includes all of louden county and prince george's county for sleet and freezing rain. north frederick and west of leesburg. here's the radar over the last couple hours. mainly it's rain. temperatures still above freezing in most spots. as we zoom in a little bit here that indicates a mixture of sleet and freezing rain. also out toward the west of leesburg right on the border there we're looking at a little bit of a mixed precipitation. temperatures are close to freezing. 32 in gaithersburg. 34 in frez -- frederick. 34 out toward annapolis. here's the futurecast. 8:00 tonight still a mix north and west of town. rain develops to the south. more organized rain. we'll come back and talk about how some of that could change to snow by daybreak. don't forget you can track the weather and get topper's latest forecast by downloading our wusa 9 app from the app store or from google play. it's a case that defense attorneys are hoping leads to the dismissal of thousands of
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hot lane cases with mass refunds. peggy fox is live at the fairfax county courthouse where a contentious hearing took place today. >> we've talked to many people who say they had working easy passes and still face thousands of dollars in fines. we met a maryland man today who said he did nothing wrong and had a working easy pass but faced $26,000 in fines. today he paid a $500 settlement to make it all go away. >> they get you and keep pushing you. they have the money and the lawyers to do it. you don't. you've got work to do. >> reporter: george mcdonagh has had an easy pass for six years. he said it worked everywhere except on the express lane. in july of 2013, he was sent an e-mail that he owed $58 in toll violations. he didn't believe it and asked for proof. >> after talking to a guy named
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david on there he said fax your easy pass statement to me seeing you've been good the whole time and you're not in the rears or anything. then mail with your statement and we'll see what we can do. i did that. and basically got hosed. >> reporter: then in december of 2013, he received this. >> it starts out with $50 then goes to $250, then goes to $500, this is the third one. then it goes to $1,000 for a total of $26,000 in penalties. for a $2 fine. i was like, no. >> reporter: even though mcdonagh had a working easy pass he says transcervine, who operates the lanes told him the operations were his fault and he paid a $500 settlement today. >> improper mounting. i've had my easy pass for six years. i've used it in new jersey, delaware, new york.
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not a problem. >> reporter: attorneys representing other defendants say another big problem with the violation notices is that the signature on them reportedly by nicholas bar, the vice president of operations, is produced electronically which is invalid according to a ruling by the virginia supreme court. >> the whole purpose of the signature is you as a lawyer or individual certify in good faith that what you've put in to pleadings is true. if it's signed by a machine who is certifying anything? >> they say they tried using the sheriff's department to serve a subpoena on nicholas bar but it was unsuccessful. they hired a professional process server who wound up having to throw the subpoena papers through an awning at the doorway when a company attorney refused to take them. reporting live in fairfax, peggy fox wusa 9. >> sounds like a mess you don't want to be in. the issue of that signature will be dealt
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within a civil trial. that's now set for march 9th. trans urban's attorneys assured the judge nicholas bar will be a witness on that day. an employee of a landscaping business held police at bay for hours today and that standoff ended when the man shot and killed himself. it started this morning on brookville road in silver spring. stephanie ramirez joins us live to tell us more. >> fellow employees told police this man came to work agitated, upset. once he pulled the firearm from his vehicle, things escalated in to a four-hour standoff right behind the landscape supply here in silver spring. >> police. put your hands up. >> reporter: position ing themselves around dirt mounds and industrial equipment you could hear the montgomery county s.w.a.t. team trying to call the armed suspect out. police say they first received the 911 call of the armed disgruntled employee at around 8:10 monday morning. montgomery county
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police spokesperson. >> he seemed upset and agitated. at one point he left the business, went to his vehicle and retrieved a shotgun. he pointed it at one employee and shot a round in to a mulch pile nearby. >> reporter: multiple shots were heard with sources saying the shots with were fired from police. >> threatening to light things on fire. threatening to hurt himself and hurt others. it was pretty scary and they closed down the roadsism we weren't allowed to get any of our trucks on the roads. >> reporter: the business owner across the street tells us he was in cack with the head of the landscaping company during the standoff. he believes the suspect was mentally ill. >> i definitely feel bad for him. i have 35-plus employees. and they be come like family. so it's hard to see one of our employees that is suffering from mental illness possibly can't get the help he needs and therefore this is what happens.
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>> no other injuries were reported of course except for the obvious tragedy a loss of life. we're waiting for montgomery county police to release the identity of this employee. stephanie ramirez wusa 9news. a new audit of washington, d.c. performance in the last election shows the district has plenty of problems that need to be worked on. that report found 26% of precincts visited were understaffed. 42% weren't fully accessible to people with handy caps or disabilities and 64% had technical problems. perhaps most surprisingly, people supposed to vote couldn't vote without i.d. because you need an i.d. to get in the building. however you technically don't need an i.d. to vote. the person for the dc board of elections tells wusa 9 that the board is looking at the recommendations in that report. fairfax county police say bones found along a trail in hurnden are human. a resident saw those bones last night.
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the medical examiner confirmed today those bones are human. we don't know how long the bones were there as well as their identity. tomorrow the montgomery board of education is scheduled to vote on a proposal that would delay in high schools. >> the parents and students were out here a little bit ago. it had cleared since but they're calling on the school board to push those start times early in the morning. a few dozen parents and students were out here. they held what they called a sleep-in here in front of the montgomery school headquarters. they had signs they were chanting, they were in pajamas, they had their sleeping bags, really trying to sell it, calling on the school board to push start times back. they said the students are sleep deprived that they're
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sleepwalking through the day falling asleep in class and pretty much in a general fog all day long which is not allowing them to learn and concentrate to the best of their abilities. parents were citing studies statistics and looking at other school districts across the country, examples and evidence that later start times would help school performance and overall health. >> my kids would be here except they're both asleep right now. they're 11th graders. they'll be up till midnight, they'll do their homework in the middle of the night. >> if you're tired it's hard to work. it's hard to concentrate and you might not necessarily get perfect grades that you should be getting. >> school board has gone back and forth with this issue a few times and showing support at times, not showing support citing cost concerns. the outgoing school board
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superintendent recommends the board take no-cost options only tomorrow when the school board occurs this. live at the montgomery county school headquarters. did the popular podcast known as serial play a role in an appeals court ruling? >> inova's big announcement and how it could change
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huge news from inova this morning. the largest hospital center says it will transform the exxon headquarters to a state-of-the-art cancer research and medical center. the center for personalized health will have the cancer facility and the hospital's translational medicine institute. inova hopes this new center will draw first class researchers in a variety of fields. just days after radio shack filing chapter 11 bankruptcy, the company now knows which stores will be closing. radio shack announced more than 1700 stores representing every state by alaska will close by the end of march. dozens in maryland, virginia, and dc are on the list. it's unclear how many jobs will be lost. we post ed the entire list of closings on our app and website so you can search for your branch. when it comes to food, there are a few flavors that say
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maryland as much as that old bay spice. the copy says starting next week, 700 maryland dc, and virginia mcdonald's will sell the limited time sandwich with old bay tarter sauce. the romantic idea of tying the knot on valentine's could be off for some folks because february 14th falls on a saturday. the marriage bureau will for the first time ever be open for saturday weddings. the court scheduled to marry 14 couples in two separate ceremony rooms and they'll join the more than 2,000 couples who get married at the courthouse every year. still ahead what an appeals court ruling could mean for the manmade famous by the intensely popular serial pod cast. >> timing and team work. that's how one trauma center in our area helps save m
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[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. a public vigil will be held in atlanta tonight in honor of bobbi kristina brown. she's the 21-year-old daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown.
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she's been in a medically induced coma ever since she was found unresponsive in a bathtub january 31st. that vigil is being organized by her family and a lot of family membererize expected to be there. it's the most successful podcast in history downloads by millions of fans. tonight there are new real life complainants in serial. >> i'm bruce leshan in baltimore county where there's plenty of reaction other news that the convicted killer at the center of the serial podcast is getting a new hearing. >> when i grabbed the phone and told him he was so happy. >> reporter: syed has spent 15 years in prison on a life sentence. a jury convicted syed of strangling his ex-girlfriend. former baltimore sun reporter, sarah koenig seemed to go back
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and forth. one key piece of evidence in this appeal, a potential alibi. the victim, the suspect and asia mcclain were all students here at wood lawn high school. asia mcclain says that she saw syed here at the library between 2:30 and 2:40 on prosecutors say the murder took place at 2:36. in baltimore county bruce leshan, wusa 9. as you can imagine whole lot of people going to be talking about the powerball between now and wednesday's drawing. the jackpot is at $450 million and of course it's going to grow. that would make it the fifth largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history and the biggest around here since december of 2013.
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do i need to go get the ticket this year? because last time when you got it for us, nothing happened. i'm just wondering if i need to go get the ticket this time. >> i've never won a turkey raffle. so i'd suggest you get the ticket. >> are you in? >> you know sure. sure. [ laughter ] 68 yesterday. we're looking at winter weather advisories tonight especially north and west of town. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. 11 at national. weekends east north east at 12. not a very pretty evening. but the roads right now are just wet. i know we've got winter weather advisories in effect but i want to make sure everybody understands. the roads are going to be fine tonight. if you're out after midnight, that could be a different story frederick northward. right now here's the radar over the past couple hours. this is all rain. you get up toward frederick we're getting mixed precipitation. sleet and a little bit of freezing rain. that's what the advisories are for. the advisories are not for snow. they're for the mixed bag.
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west of 287 you have a little bit of a mix too going on. that will continue tonight as well. coldest air of the season friday through sunday, check your car battery. check your furnace. you should have done that in the fall. but if you haven't this is a good time to check it before the cold gets here. temperatures on sunday could fall below zero in the suburbs. i can't find any snowstorms this year but i did get a little excited last night looking at computer models till 2:00 in the morning. some of the coldest year i've seen in years headed our way. futurecast back to the immediate future 8:00 tonight temperature around 30 in gaithersburg. 33 in leesburg. a little bit of a mixture but it was in the 60s yesterday. roads are going to be fine. by 10:00 most of the precip sinks south. then it gets going back to the north a little bit. a little low pressure will develop off of
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the virginia coast tonight. and maybe give places like fredericksburg and la plata waldorf morning snow showers. then clouds will hang tough tomorrow morning. even across the metro area north in gaithersburg and martinsburg temperatures around freezing. by 1:00, upper 30s low 40s. by 5:00 temperatures mainly in the low 40s across the board. by 9:30 tomorrow night temps will be sneaking around freezing north and west of town. tonight breezy colder. a light mix north and west. then showers ending as light snow everywhere. temperatures 30 to 35 for lows. the day planner maybe a flurry in the morning. 7:00 9:00. then breaks in the clouds at 11:00. and 42 with sunshine by 1:00. next three days, chilly on wednesday. 44. i've got to tell you once we get through the weekend we'll look back on wednesday, wish we could have it back. we go downhill on thursday literally with the temperatures upper 30s. snow showers possible in the evening. we'll monitor that for yellow
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alert. only 22 on friday. valentine's day, cold . snow showers at night. only 14 on sunday. i wanted to go lower. near 30 next monday. >> don't go lower. [ laughter ] so the ankle bone is connect today the toe bone and bradley beal's toe bone is -- >> still hurt. he's out for tonight but they're about to go on the all star break so he'll have more time to recover. wizards get back to work on the hardwood. the team says they're not
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some breaking news tonight. nfl films found er ed sable has died. sable changed the way we viewed the nfl today. he was there from 1964 to 1995 is when he ran the organization, and during that time won 52 emmy awards. sable was inductted to the pro football hall of fame in 2011. he was 98 years old. to our local teams now w. -- now. with the l now -- with the all star break looming the wizards are looking for some momentum. it was a game they should have won against the nets. the wizards gave their most balanced performance we've seen in weeks. tonight they host orlando another struggling team that is in the middle of a rebuild since firing their coach last week. as the wizards experience with the nets early in the season, you can never overlook a team in
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the nba. >> you've got to respect every team. we've seen them playing the first time here we kind of looked past those guys and they beat us by 20. we know we're a target to other teams now. we have to come out and compete. then mai thing is coming out and getting to a good start and starting games off. it's almost decision time for ray allen. according to sources the veteran guard will decide on his future sometime after the all star break. allen has been keeping in shape and doing encore work despite not knowing if he wants to return for a 19th season. one of the teams that has remained in contact with him is the washington wizards. another tough week on the road for the maryland terrapins. they suffered blowout loss and another drop in the polls. they fell three spots to 19. up next the terps host indiana wednesday night before another road test. the washington capitals feeling the effects of a tightly
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packed schedule. sunday you can see how drained the caps were compared to a well rested flyers team. the caps head out on the road for the next four games. >> the schedule is what it is. it's not an excuse but you're looking for answers. i think we've got to find ways to win games if we're tired find a way to win games by being really smart rather than not smart. >> a reminder to vote in our high school game of the week poll. text the game you want for 25543. we'll announce the game thursday and highlight the winner friday annoying. >> -- friday night. >> that's it for us. i'll be back with dan and y
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>> pelley: tonight a new civil rights battle on the courthouse steps in alabama. a defiant state judge tries to block same-sex marriage, but the supreme court clears the way. chip reid is in montgomery. jericka duncan on the winter that just won't quit. meteorologist eric fisher says more snow is on the way to the northeast. the power of the internet. jan crawford reports a popular podcast has helped a convicted murderer win a chance at a new trial. >> the most incriminating piece of physical evidence against adnan syed was a fingerprint. >> pelley: plus anthony mason on the grammies and sam smith's bi want to thank the man who this record is about who i fell in love with last year. thank you so much


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